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Welcome to the calcutils project

This project's purpose is to provide a set of simple command line utilities to allow linux users to work with their TI calculators over the USB link.

It is based on a large body of work already done by the TI user community. As a reference please see the following sites:


Many people have been and are currently doing a lot of work to support reversing the protocols as well as the inner workings of these addictive little toys.

So, the question begs, with so much work already on the table, why start another project? Well, based on what I have found the projects that exist currently are in a state of flux and in particular linux support seems to be a bit on the weak side.

In my experience, the linux philosophy has been to focus on something which is not necessarily flashy, but will "just work," when you plug it in. The present projects, while being noble efforts, do not seem to be accomplishing this for the typical linux user, anyway.

Therefore, my goal is to fill in this missing void for us *nix users and produce some software that hopefully will "just work" on the typical linux box.

Right now, I only have a TI89 Titanium to play with, so that is the only calculator that I can personally verify as functioning with this source code. Will any other versions work? If they have a USB port perhaps. Experiment and see. As of this revision the Nspire series is not supported.

The current source may be downloaded here.
An rpm package is also available.

Send any feedback/comments to lxman@calcutils.tuxfamily.org.

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